I’m proud to announce that I have just updated the website by adding a new category in the gallery about astrophotography.

This kind of photography is quite difficult, because it involves several aspects:

  • Good photography technical skills: exposure, aperture, ISO, photo stacking, multiple exposure, etc.
  • Good photo gear (or solid knowledge on how to reduce noise and minimize unwanted trails): sharp lenses and camera with a good digital noise management at high ISO are crucial. There are few things that can be fixed in post production through bias and dark frames, but this still require good technical skills.
  • Places with low light pollution.
  • Clear sky and low humidity.
  • Stars location and sky map.
  • Being able to focus and compose in complete darkness.
  • A lot of other minor things…

I’ll stop here for now… but I promise I will write another article on how to capture Startrails!

Here is the gallery, I hope you like it.

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