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About Luca Libralato

Luca Libralato is a landscape photographer who loves life, nature, sport and anything related to logic, math and technology. Read the full review


Photography is emotion, vision, art… Photography is a lifestyle.

This is what I feel about being a landscape photographer. Exploring places for many hours is something that really relaxes me and gives me the opportunity to stare at the beauty of nature. Through my pictures I attempt to express my feelings and my vision… through my camera I try to bring my experiences to the eyes of the viewer. I think that photography (like all other arts) should evoke emotions. Due to physical and technical limitations a camera alone cannot capture life as we can observe it with all of our senses. This is why I try my best to enhance my personal vision and feelings in this 2D art: I generally don’t alter reality, I just add my personal touch while preserving the emotions I want to transmit. The way we see things, is something very personal, which is linked to all other senses and emotions. I strongly believe that a great photo is not just the one that documents reality, but the one that is able to communicate, to the eyes of the viewer, some emotions and the vision of the artist.

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My latest photos on Flickr
Sunset In Vik
Sunrise In Milan
Mineral Moon
Cloudy Sunset On Bled
Sunset On Rialto