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Photo Editing Workflow: Landscape Adventure Photoshop Actions

My typical digital photo editing workflow starts in Adobe Lightroom where I perform 95% of the work and then in Adobe Photoshop I deal with special situations and finishing touches.

Recently I had the opportunity to test Landscape Adventure Photoshop Actions from Sleeklens and I was impressed. These presets offer a lot of interesting possibilities while developing images. Usually I’m not a big fan of Photoshop Actions, because they don’t work fine for all images, but there are some exceptions for those actions which are generic, such those adding contrasts or slightly alter tones.

Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Photoshop Actions

Sleeklens package has been created with the goal to keep your photo editing workflow  flexible and modular. All actions are well organized based on their goal:

  1. EXPOSURE: overall exposure adjustments on lights and shadows
  2. BASE: some basic adjustments for dynamic range, contrast, clarity and basic toning
  3. TONE: toning actions working on specific colors and overall mood
  4. ALL IN ONE: set of actions created to apply a set of edits based on specific situation/goals like sunrise, sunset, twilight hours, black and white
  5. ENHANCE: specific tools to enhance details, sky or tones
  6. SPECIALITY: special effects to be applied on the image, like flare, grain or sort of “dreaming” effect
  7. TEMPERATURE: warm and cool toning
  8. WEB FILE PREPARATION: automatic exporting actions for social channels and sharing

I have used those actions in my photo editing workflow to test them and I must admit that some of the actions really speed up image editing. Most of actions needs to be further adjusted, but that’s where the power is: if they were “static”, they wouldn’t have been so flexible.

My favourite actions are Sky Enhancer (in the ENHANCE section) and Dreamy Landscape (in the SPECIALTY section), I usually adjust them a bit to suit my taste (Dreamy Landscape I only apply at no more than 20%), but I really like the overall effect.

Some of the actions you may apply by using Luminosity Masks to be more precise in your editing approach.

Lightroom Preset

In case you prefer to keep your workflow only in Lightroom, Sleeklens offers also different sets of Sleeklens Lightroom Presets.

Some Demo Images

Here you will find a couple of images I finalized by using Landscape Adventure Photoshop Actions.


Milano - Duomo - Natale

Milano – Duomo – Natale

Manarola - Cinque Terre

Manarola – Cinque Terre

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